What Does Poetry Offer Us?


What does Poetry Offer Us?

A glimpse, a doorway, a window, a path out of routine, daily grind mind, narrow vision. Like a wooden spoon in a cauldron, poetry stirs the senses, the imagination, the very meaning we give to our lives. It calls us to a richer experience, where the mundane and the mystical meet and make magic, where the personal becomes the universal. Poetry gives us the courage to ask unanswerable questions. It’s about:



sounds, rhythms

the sound and feel of words you wouldn’t ordinarily think of putting together

new ways of looking at life; the view from above, beneath, inside, outside

being daring, sometimes shocking

challenging conventional wisdom

turning your usual thoughts upside down, inside out

turning the ordinary into the magnificent, the sacred

focusing a magnifying lens or slow motion camera or a bright light to see what reveals itself when you look deeper, closer, longer

knowing things you never knew you never knew (Pocahontas song)

seeing the big picture and the tiniest detail

unveiling mystery, mastery, and paradox

turning straw into gold; for a poet or storyteller, there are no bad experiences, just material

looking unflinchingly at love, loss, despair, courage and a capacity to meet life head-on


The challenge you take on when you listen to a poem is to listen generously and to give yourself fully to it.





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