Welcome to a Newborn

Dear Beautiful, Blessed, Tender Newborn One,

Welcome to all the beauty and wonder life has to offer.

Welcome to the spaciousness of the sky,

The radiance of the sun,

The flow of the waters,

The support of the earth.

Welcome to the land of many flowers,

The poppies, the orchids, the roses, the daisies.

Welcome to the land of many trees,

The mights oaks, the redwoods, the pines,

The Douglas fir, the fruit-bearing.

Welcome to the land or rivers and tides and lakes and oceans.

Welcome to your own waters, in which your cells bathe

And receive nourishment flowing in and out.

Welcome to your own tears, may they flow freely from an open and loving heart.

May you experience the tender ache of grief making room in your heart.

May you experience the shudder of fear, the rush of anger that comes out to protect you.

May you experience love in infinite ways:

Love for yourself and your courage to move forward on your path;

Love of living creatures and plants and our awesome planet.

May you exchange love with your friends, your family, your lovers, the Beloved.

May your heart sing and dance.

May you know ecstasy and bliss and the height of sensuality.

May you know and express and love your true nature.

May you give your gifts abundantly, to deep appreciation.

May you be at peace with your mistakes, and those of others.

May you learn to forgive.

May you be a catalyst for inspiration.

May you find harmony with the Highest Good.

May you deepen your capacity for love, wisdom, compassion, and creativity.

May you speak your truth and be comfortable in your skin.

May you sing the praises of a life well-lived.

When life gets bumpy, expect to be grumpy.

Hold yourself tenderly in your heart.

When your heart breaks, know you are not alone.

Seek healing in the many ways.

Be dauntless and daring.

Be wild.

Learn when to extend and when to contain with skill and grace.

Partake of life, drink of life with a depth of wonder and appreciation.

You are Beloved. Walk with peace. Walk with grace.

Be true to your heart.

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