Wild Woman Party 2010 Cathy’s Poem

Wild Woman Party 2010—I read this poem to set the tone, with Carol Hanson playing Native American flute and Isabell Zeviar dancing the poem.

When My Soul Begins to Sing…

Cathy Dana, 7/13/07

I will celebrate

The Wild Woman within

Not “wild” the way society

Mistakenly defines it:

Reckless, irresponsible, selfish,

Immature “party-hardy” gal

Who lacks integrity

And respect for everyone else

Including herself.


This “wild”

Is the coming into recognition

Of our true nature

Our creative spirits

Like the impeccable care

With which the mother egret

Builds her nest

Or the vibrant way lobelia dares

To bloom purple,

Jackaranda shines luminescent violet

And peach blossoms dance such a delicate pink.

This “wild” is the call

Of the red-wing blackbird

The purr of my silky-haired orange tabby

The thundering of storm waves

The gentle lapping of bay waters.

This “wild” is warm sun on bare skin

Buoyancy in water

The sweet, spicy smell of fennel

Each drawing me home to

My heart, mind, spirit,

The deep reverence for all life

And all that supports life.

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