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Bring    Out    Your    Natural    Charisma!

Transformational Speaking Group

with Cathy Dana, M.S.

*Would you like your presence with audiences to be as powerful,      captivating, and authentic as possible?

*Would you like greater capacity to respond skillfully in any platform situation, no matter what happens?

*Would you like more room to be yourself, to share your expertise and your passion, wisdom, and playfulness?

*Would you like to be free from memorizing a speech?  Free to be spontaneous if appropriate?

*Would you like greater ability to handle any glitch in a presentation, including audience heckling or audience non-participation?

*Would you like less fear, more fun connecting with your audience?

Transformational Speaking is something you’ll want to experience!

DATE/TIME: alternate Thursday evenings, 7:30-9:30pm


CLASS SIZE:  Limited; by reservation

COST: $35 per class, includes videotape


Cathy Dana has been a 10 year member of the National Speakers Association and was awarded with the “2004-5  Member of The Year” award.  Her calling is to be a Guardian of the Creative Spirit.  Individual sessions available.  For more info, call 510-523-7853 or  email:  cathydana@ gmail dot com

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