Hypnotherapy and Bodywork

Transformational Touch can help you move through “stuck” places.  Tired of draining your energy on issues you just can’t resolve?  As you relax, let your unconscious mind find solutions for you.

When bodywork and hypnotherapy work in tandem, your unconscious mind is your best problem solver.  It’s that easy!

Transformational Touch can help you:

√Change negative habits                       √Reduce Stress

√Heal mind and body                             √Build self confidence

√Create good relationships                  √Resolve past traumas

√Pass exams                                               √Ease fear and anxiety

√Tap inner resources

What clients say about Cathy:

“Cathy is competent, knowledgeable, compassionate and non-judgmental.  She stands alone above all clinical hypnotherapists I know.”___Patrick O’Reilly, Ph.D.

“Cathy is  a healer with unparalleled gifts.  Compassionate, nurturing, skilled and intuitive, Cathy provided me with a the tools to attain a peace I never thought I could achieve!”—Alison Bouchard, CEO of Techmommy

“Feels so good!  Like 20 years lifted off my back!”—Tamara Granitow, nurse

“Cathy Dana is one of the angels who come to my rescue with her intuitive, healing treatment after a traumatic car-versus-seventy-ton-truck collision.  She can be credited with my recovery from pot-traumatic-stress syndrome.”—Lee McRae, musician

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