Express Yourself!

Express Yourself is a free form  monthly arts and music salon in Alameda, CA.  At Express Yourself you can play music, sing, read poetry, beat on drums, perform a play, bring art to display, or express yourself in whatever way you want.


Hello artistes and guardians of the creative spirit!

Once again we welcome creative expression of all kinds and all levels
of ability, from fledgling beginners to seasoned performers.  Singing,
dancing, storytelling, music making, poetry/prose reading, comedy,
displaying visual art; we love them all.  And we REALLY love
enthusiastic audience members!

Whether it’s rekindling sparks from childhood passions or trying
something new, it’s your chance to spread your creative wings and try
out anything your heart desires, with love beaming at you.  Where else
can you try your wings with such loving support?!

Bring snacks so we can have “serious art schmoozing” (aka: partying)
after the performances.  Hope to see you!

The 3rd Friday of each month
Home of Truth, 1300 Grand Street/ corner of Alameda Ave., in Alameda.
7:30pm to 9:30pm.  $5-10.00 love offering.

Cathy, Guardian of the Creative Spirit

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