Conscious Embodiment Classes

Conscious Embodiment

Integrating Mind, Body, Spirit

In a safe, supportive space, through gentle movement and awareness exercises, learn principles from mindfulness and aikido to develop a balanced, relaxed, confident center.

Conscious Embodiment can help you:cathy-dana

Manage stress with more ease                                                                                       

Build self-confidence

Resolve conflict

Create healthier boundaries and relationships

Deal with resistance and rejection

Handle fear, anger, and anxiety more skillfully


Continuing classes:

2nd Saturdays, 10am – 12noon

Location:  The Home of Truth, 1300 Grand St., Alameda, 94501

Cathy Dana, M.S., CHT, CMT, is a firewalking hypnotherapist with a black belt in aikido.

One of the first Certified Conscious Embodiment instructors, she has trained with founder Wendy Palmer for over 25 years. With a master’s degree in counseling, Cathy has spent the last 28 years practicing and teaching a combination of bodywork and hypnotherapy, specializing in healing trauma.

Cathy’s Conscious Embodiment introduction was the single most profound class I ever took.” ~ Tim McMuldren, musician

Cathy is a healer with unparalleled gifts. Compassionate, nurturing, skilled and intuitive, Cathy provided me with the tools to attain a peace I never thought I could achieve!” ~ Alison Bouchard, CEO, Techmommy

Cathy is competent, knowledgeable, compassionate and non-judgmental.” ~ Patrick O’Reilly, Ph.D.



Phone: 510-523-7853

Integrate Your  Mind, Body, and Spirit!

“The greatest gift you can give someone is to get yourself together.” — Wendy E. Palmer

Wendy Palmer’s Leadership Embodiment Website

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