Meet Cathy, Alameda Poet Laureate and Author!

Happy Cathy_Trish ACLC proclamation

Cathy and Alameda’s Mayor Spencer.    Click here for further info

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7 Comments on “Meet Cathy, Alameda Poet Laureate and Author!”

  1. Dear Cathy:

    It’s great to see your new website. I loved what I read in “About Cathy” about your incredible training and skills!

    Take good care,
    Sharon (Ellison)

  2. Vera Gassner Says:

    My path crosses with yours often, and even though we haven’t met officially, I sense, that when we will, we will find that we really know each other. The Goddess shines within you. I love the Dove poem. Blessings!

    Vera Gassner, MFT Intern
    Community Service Specialist
    Momentum for Mental Health

  3. Kathy, you are one spiritual leader, kind and generous. Your storytelling circle at the Frank Bette Center shows your wonderful, playful, concerned spirit. Good website!

    Bobbie Kinkead
    Storyteller, writer, and illustrator
    Member of SAC, Storytelling Association of California
    BASF, Bay Area Storytelling Festival, Publicity Committee

    • cathyedana Says:

      Bobbie, thanks for your vote of confidence. You’ve been a wonderful feature at my storytelling and I can’t wait to have you back!

  4. Some how I just upon this and wanted to see who Goddess of Greating was!

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