2009 Year End Album

Our  Pictures 2008-09

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On our trip north last fall to Olympia Washington, we stopped in redwood country to find this huge tree, one of the largest and oldest on Earth.

But before that trip, the question of 2009 was:  will Max graduate from High School?

Answer:  YES!

Parents were Jubilant!

9/08  Even our skittish kitty liked Marc Ritz, our German exchange student.  Wunderbar!

And before Marc was David from France in Spring of 2008, with us for 6 months.  Fantastique!

Same people, different body of water:  Hanalei Bay, Kauai, Hawaii.  Great place for Cath to nurse her broken shoulder, casualty of a Team Alameda bike ride on wet pavement.  Ouch.  But after 3 months of healing, she was back in the saddle and logged in over 1,146 miles of riding for 2009!

Speaking of bike riding, here is Jim, aka “Flash”, on a benefit ride for Meals on Wheels.  His ’09 mileage hit the 5,425 mile mark.  Flash’s biggest achievement was successfully completing the “Death Ride” in the Sierra Nevadas: 125 miles, 15,000′ of mountain passes ridden in one day!  He continues to serve as Ride Captain and board member of Team Alameda bike club.  Flash says riding your bike is the fountain of youth!

Jim aka “Bad Sushi” and sidekick Cathy aka “Madam Deja Vu” at the Bucket ‘O Blood Saloon on Halloween.  Scaring children and their parents works up a mean thirst, and  what better place to slake it than a tavern full of zombies?

Back to our cat.  He has a fetish for shoes, and loves to sleep on them, nose first…its the heady aroma.  It’s really a love-hate thing with our animal, as he is really pretty, but at times can do some pretty awful things with his bodily fluids.

We drove Max up to his college, Evergreen State, in Washington.  Here we stopped at a Zen center overlooking the Rogue River in Oregon, hosted by our friend Jo.  It was an awesome road trip, the longest we’ve taken so far.

In search of big X-Prize money, Jim built this one man sub-orbital vehicle in the garage, but could not find a cannon big enough to shoot it out of.  Ok, just kidding, this is the “tot rocket”, an exhibit at Chabot Space and Science Center that Jim refurbished.  He’s been doing a lot of volunteer work up there hoping it will result in a dream job, soon.

This year we got rid of our lawn and planted our front yard Stimulus veggie garden: Many,many tomatoes, broccoli, squash, strawberries, herbs, snow peas, greens, zucchinis, and lettuce.  Our “social experiment” even garnered a mention in the local newspaper, and bought our way into the neighborhood Sherlock Holmes themed Halloween party.  Goood eating!

2 Comments on “2009 Year End Album”

  1. Roy Woolfstead Says:

    Very good to see happy people on the net.

  2. Rosie Says:

    Hey, Cathy,

    Thanks for all the terrific pictures – a great way to catch up on your family’s comings and goings – very inpsiring. Love the garden – what a great idea!


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